Hurst's First – An Adventure in Having a Baby

Daddy’s Little Girl


My kid isn’t even here yet and already she’s spoiled.

Fiscal responsibility is something Suzanne and I aim for, but that is likely flying out the window the second my kid gives us a Christmas list or starts any sentence with a sing-song “Daddy, I want …”

Last week UCLA had a 20% off sale for staff and faculty and all of a sudden I was a teenager with mom and dad’s credit card. But I wasn’t in an electronics store. I was in the baby area.

Now, remember I am a proud Gaucho and have rooted for USC football my whole life. UCLA doesn’t really fit into any part of my sports vernacular unless there is a curse word involved.

Yet, there I was loading up on UCLA baby gear because she is going to be born while I’m pulling in a paycheck as a Bruin. So, I guess I was just funneling money right back to the University. A hundred bucks later – yes, even with a sale – my kid has three outfits for various stages of her early life, a toy and a pair of cute little socks.

When did I become such a softy? She’s not even here yet and I want her to have everything. I even put a few more outfits back on the shelves because she can’t possibly have too much Bruins’ apparel. Imagine if I were in a UCSB store! She’s already daddy’s little girl and we don’t even have a car to let her borrow yet.

I can’t even fathom what it will be like when she starts talking. So long as she doesn’t act like this kid from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, I think she’ll continue to get whatever she wants.


The first time she starts a sentence with “Daddy, I want …” she’s getting it. I just hope the words that follow aren’t “a pony,” “a tattoo,” or “a Giants shirt.”

Before it even starts, you’re welcome kiddo.

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Two Down, One To Go

We have entered our third tri-mester (or as I like to call it, the Thri-mester). Here is a picture of Suzanne as she approaches 29 weeks.


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