Hurst's First – An Adventure in Having a Baby

Ahhhhhhh…I made it through my first major holiday!

on November 29, 2012

One of the more immediate thoughts I had after finding out I was pregnant, was “OH BOY … I get to go through the holidays PREGNANT.

I have to say I was a little nervous…well, I guess more anxious about it.  This is going to be tough.  I mean really tough.  I don’t know if you have figured it out by reading this blog, but us Hurst’s like to have a cocktail every so often and the holidays are no exception! …  Did I mention this was going to be tough??

Thanksgiving is definitely Matt’s holiday and Christmas is mine.  As a result, our tradition is to spend Thanksgiving with his side of the family and Christimas with my side … and this year is no different.  In fact this year’s Thanksgiving might have been a bit more exciting, for Matt especially, because his parents have been living in Germany for the past 2 years and this was their first Turkey Day back in the states.  And let’s just say the Thanksgiving table was not lacking in guests this year.  I believe it tipped the scales at 17 people and in past years there have been 20+ people, usually all at one table.  Now THAT’S a party! But I digress.

So now that you know what size of crowd we’re dealing with, let’s talk about the type of crowd we’re dealing with.  Let’s just say that Matt and I didn’t pick up our disposition towards drinking from hanging around the sandbox as kids.  Of course we come from a long line of those who enjoy their frosty beverages and obviously we didn’t fall far from the proverbial “tree.”  Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, friends … there was no shortage of those this Thanksgiving and they were all … well … drinking, duh.

Matt was very sweet and and in his grandest of gestures to show he “had my back,” he made a promise to me to “keep it together” over the holiday we were about to spend with his family.  That’s not to say he couldn’t drink, NOOOOOO.  That would have been lunacy!  I think the only thing he may like more than pumpkin pie, might be a pumpkin martini.  Regardless, he did promise to keep himself, let’s just say …. composed … over the weekend.  Which was a big commitment from him considering we were about to spend 3 days with his ’20 something’ cousins who have very exercised livers as we do … well, I DID.

And Matt kept his promise … and in all honesty, after Thursday actually passed, I thought … wow, this might end up being easier than I thought!?  Of course there was some beverage intake happening but things never got crazy!  Alright, alright, bring on the rest of the weekend.  And then … the rest came.  Who would have thought that Friday would end up being worse than THURSDAY?! Not me.  Well I was WAY wrong.  Somewhere between the family’s enjoyable sunny afternoon stroll along the shores of Lake Tahoe and my putting the final touches on our yummy homemade Turkey and Mushroom risotto, everyone got hammered.  I turned around and all of the sudden, there wasn’t a coherent conversation to be had in the room!  That was unless I was either going to talk to the dogs or Matt.  Not that either of those options were bad … I just was trying to branch out since we were after all spending time with family we don’t see every day.

And here I was … I couldn’t eat dinner and disappear fast enough!  Now, I LOVE Matt’s family and I absolutely hated feeling this way, but I could sense my cranky pregnant lady alter persona coming on and I had to hide her from the full moon before she really got out of hand.  So I quietly finished my food and disappeared … at 8pm.  Ugh.  I felt like a heel.  But as the noise and drunken laughter grew, I knew I had done the right thing.  Matt continued to be the awesome husband he usually is and brought me a cup of hot cider to settle my nerves (and the upset tummy I had developed) and sat with me in our quiet room for a little while.  And shortly after he went back into the lion’s den, the lights went out and I passed out!  With that, our holiday weekend came to a close.

Please don’t get me wrong … I am thankful for having such a wonderful place to go for Thanksgiving and a fabulous family to spend it with.  I am one of the luckiest ladies in the world!  And to top it off, I am blessed enough to have  a beautiful baby just weeks away from making her debut into this world.  But let’s just say, I’ve started planning that if we decide to ride this roller coaster again, we will make sure to get off the ride WELL before the holidays!

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